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Gameplay Screenshot
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Ascending - Dojo

When a comet crashed hundreds of years ago, cosmic forces were released that enabled humans to develop great
abilities. This was the cornerstone of the Ascension ceremony.

In "Ascending - Dojo" you slip into the role of a growing child whose older brother has already successfully completed the ceremony himself, but unfortunately shortly afterwards he disappeared forever.
Now your own ceremony is about to begin.

In a unique VR experience you will grow beyond yourself and your character will become a strong master of mystical powers.
Through different movements you learn how to perform different attack and defense skills.
Not only with your mystical abilities, but also with other weapons you will be able to master every challenge.


The abilities are casted by correctly executing a sequence of movements. Every ability has its own sequence of movements. The buttons of the controllers are used for actual handgestures only - not so that you can simply cast a spell by the press of a button.
By the use of suitable movements as well as haptical and visual feedback the player feels like he is actually casting the ability by his own power.

Learn Abilities

To learn an ability the player needs to reach a deeper level of consciousness. Only in this deeper level of consciousness, the player has a direct connection to his inner powers to be able to learn new abilities by learning new movement sequences.


The artifact gives the player the ability to focus his mystical power and serves as a bridge to a deeper level of consciousness. Every artifact requires the player to have different amounts of EXP.


The player also has the option to use different weapons besides the abilities.


In Ascending - Dojo the player finds himself on an island with secrets, puzzles and evil creatures.

The Dojo

The player can prove his skills with the abilities and weapons at the Dojo. Exciting gamemodes are waiting for him to compete with friends and other players in the world through a global leaderboard.

Release & Information

The game is currently in development and is expected to ship in the end of 2021. We want to release a demo of the game in June where you can try out to learn and use a limited set of abilities.

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